Man shoes, heels, wedges, sneakers, kids shoes with rubber or leather bottom, flats, décolleté. Jackets and coats, bombers and outerwear, bags, accessories and all the ideas we still have in the pipeline...

As long as in leather.

Vegetal tanned, crumpled, brushed, softened by the latest chemical and phisical inventions.
Come and discover the infinite variations of natural leathers, combined with the truest tradition and the decades experience of the best Italian craftsmanship.

Più Bello Quality Store is born from a thirty-years’ experience in leather domain. Our passion for artisanal work and for quality combines with the manufacturing tradition from the Marche and with the different variations of the leather.

The articles we present, shoes, jackets, accessories and all leather goods, are produced by a genuine artisanal processing and realized with first choice materials, strictly selected and manually operated by Italian producers' skilful gestures.

The artisanal factories we like to work with are usually small examples of excellence craftsmanship, often family run workshops, where the experience and the know-how of the forefathers meet the intuitions and the taste of the youngest generations.

This connection of human experiences, naturally accessible to us, let us offer products of great quality and realize exclusive articles for Più Bello Quality Store, even personalized.